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The Red Plains Rider is one of the central characters in the Sparks Nevada universe. She is strong, independent, and accustomed to doing things her own way. Her strong sense of loyalty and personal integrity have at times put her at odds with her heart, and while she has some self-doubt she never fails to make bold decisions and stick to her proverbial guns.

Her past remains mysterious, but it is known that she was raised by martians on Mars and when she claimed her independence it was as a vigilante on the red plains of mars. Her real name is unknown, and she is affectionately called "Red" by Sparks. During her brief (second) relationship with Croach, the martian called her "Red One" as if it were a designation rather than a descriptor.

Over the course of the story arc she has been romantic partners with Sparks and later with Croach before she eventually falls for and marries Cactoid Jim.