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Upon hatching, Martians are given a designation, and after B’a’r M’itz’vah are given a second designation, which becomes their primary task in life. Onuses are taken very seriously by Martians, and failure to fulfill them could mean social rejection and a permanent outcast status.


Martians worship the all-powerful power of Nah Nohtek, which heals their bodies. The only limitation known to Nah Nohtek is that it is rendered powerless by the extended imbibing of alcohol.


Despite seeming “gross” to Sparks Nevada, the bodies of Martians are often referred to by Croach as “glorious”. They are blue, have antennae, multiple tongues, and lay eggs to reproduce. As they have feet and antennae, Martians also have more senses than Earthlings. The feet of Martians retreat into the body and are unable to be seen without their egg-sacs being stimulated - this task is usually performed by the spouse or the shoemaker.

Known Members of Croach’s Tribe[edit]

  • Gilft the Helpful
  • Flimk the Noticer
  • Flendalf the Dogearer
  • Coffee Jim
  • Flindalf the Top Shelf Repairer
  • Jorfine the Second Shelf Repairer
  • Tindoon the Bottom Shelf Repairer
  • Clindalf the Bell Un-ringer