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A native of G'loot Praktaw (which we would designate Mars, because that's what it's called), Croach accompanies Sparks Nevada in order to fulfill several onuses by accompanying him on his everyday adventures. As onuses are to be taken very seriously by the people of G'loot Praktaw, Croach would be shunned by his tribe for returning without their fulfillment. Due to his 28 senses, Croach is designated "The Tracker".

Physical Appearance[edit]

The physical differences between Croach and Sparks Nevada develop into several recurring themes. While Croach calls his body "glorious", Sparks labels everything concerning it "gross". This includes every healing process induced by nanotech, reproductive mechanisms, and generally anything deemed by Sparks to be strange. On the other hand, Croach constantly complains about Sparks Nevada's inability to pronounce his name correctly, granting him that it must be hard with only one tongue.


Initial Onus[edit]

Sparks Nevada saves Croach's tribe from a flood that was caused by a robot outlaw called "John Steelhands" melting the polar ice caps. The tribe was celebrating their younglings surviving of B'ar Mitzvah. Croach is chosen by the chief of his tribe to fulfill the tribe's onus. This onus is fulfilled when he frees Sparks from a spider’s web in the Caves of Zyzyx

The Most Disconcerting Feelings[edit]

Croach is inclined to rank his most disconcerting feelings in numerical order.

  • 4th: Being right-sided-out
  • 5th: Being inside out
  • 6th: Baby spiders hatching inside his body