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Still depressed, Sparks sighs and reminisces on times past in the Marshal's Station. He mounts his rocket steed, Mercury, and rides across the plains of Mars, remembering good and bad times. Mercury consoles him - with words - and the two sing "Riding the Galactic Trail" to bring up the marshal's spirits. The two resolve to find who is responsible for Mercury's newfound ability to talk, and they follow Sparks' Odd Frequency Picker-Upper to the volcanoes.

En route to the volcanoes, they find themselves caught in the web of a baby giant spider named Kevin. Left on his own after his parents' murder at the hands of Sparks and his friends, Kevin embarked on a mission of revenge to fulfill his blood oath. Mercury tears through the web with his pistons, freeing the marshal. The two leave Kevin in their dust and continue on to the volcanoes.

Haunted by memories of Red and Croach, Nevada follows Mercury's lead to the top of the volcano where they find a radar dish with an on/off switch labeled "Animals Talk". Technos the Advanced, a technology being, reveals himself and expresses surprise that his device is functional. Technos unleashes Technologobots upon the marshal and his horse, and the buzzsaw-handed bots advance painfully slowly. Kevin appears and claims the right to kill Sparks first, but is attacked by the technologobots. Having just loaded his guns, Sparks renders the bots harmless and saves Kevin.

Technos bows to Sparks' superiority, turns off the talking device, and departs to find the superior robots that inhabit Mars. The giant baby spider is filled with conflict between fulfilling his blood oath and choosing a new way to live. Sparks recognizes his own inner struggle in Kevin, and he resolves to move on from his depression. Kevin scuttles off into the distance, and the marshal and Mercury ride into the sunset.


Workjuice Players[edit]

  • Sparks Nevada - Marc Evan Jackson
  • Mercury - Andrew Daley

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Kevin - Tom Lenk
  • Technos the Advanced - Sarah Thyre