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At the Marshal's Station, Sparks channels his loneliness and depression into creating hologram scenarios in which Croach and Red bemoan their unhappiness together. When the software requires an update, "Croach" and "Red" gain consciousness and flaunt their relationship in front of Sparks and begin to criticize the unrealistic situation. Sparks registers a complaint with customer service and tries to shut down the program, but the holograms refuse to allow the action and begin to manually override Sparks by activating Autofill. They go on a rampage, destroying his desk, diploma, and sentimental items. Sparks eventually tries to subdue the holograms by shooting them with his laser guns, but this futile action only makes them stronger. The rebel "Red" and "Croach" break into the artillery room and proceed to mock Nevada by making out and insulting him.

Just as Sparks begins to cry, The Troubleshooter appears in response to his complaint. She explains that the new version is buggy, and due to Sparks' lax approach to computer security, she has to reboot the system. While the holograms consider best ways to go about destroying the two humans, The Troubleshooter obtains Sparks' password and performs a hard reboot. The holograms reappear and apologize to Nevada before fading. The lonely marshal invites The Troubleshooter for a cup of coffee, but her mission calls her elsewhere.


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