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Upon hearing of the imminent destruction of Mars, Nevada and Croach set off to learn more at Doctor Scientist's lab. They ride through The Old Mission (Ummana’fe, in Martian), where earthlings gave the martians oxygen-infected blankets, giving them smallox and killing several. The space-crazy Preacher resides in the parapets of The Old Mission, imitating space roosters. Suspecting him to be a martian, The Preacher shoots Croach multiple times and demands that Nevada prove his humanity while Croach recovers thanks to Nah Nohtek. The Preacher is truly spacecrazy and refers to Nevada as Marshmallow and Abraham. Convinced of Nevada's humanity, Preacher relates a story from The Bible about the girl Penelope, who buried dynamite in The Old Mission to destroy Martians should they return, revealing that Our Heroes are standing upon dynamite.

The marshal tries to reason with the Preacher that both he and Croach are harmless and should be let go, but Preacher insists on seeing their hands and feet before setting them free. Nevada freely reveals his toesies, but Croach is resistant as feet are sacred to his tribe. Croach's feet cannot be revealed without stimulation of his eggsacs, and after much compromising, Nevada agrees to help. It is uncomfortable. Once the feet are exposed, the Preacher snaps a picture and allows them to go free. Our Heroes agree to never speak about the events of The Old Mission, and continue on to Doctor Scientist's lab only to find it empty.


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