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Still searching for information about the destruction of Mars, Nevada and Croach are found by the first marshal on Mars, Simon Pure, who leads them to the Marshal's Station. On the way he tells them the tale of how his android deputy Rusty. The cattle rustler The Binary Kid tied marshal Pure to the spacetrain tracks and left him for dead. It wasn't long before the marshal was found by his deputy, the android Rusty, who utilized Ray-Dar to locate him. Before releasing the marshal, Rusty tries to negotiate a raise, but it is denied by the marshal, who rather fires him. Finding himself with extra time on his hands, Rusty takes up untying knots and practices on untying the marshal's ropes. Grateful for his life, the marshal offers Rusty his old position. The two ride from the train tracks, ignorant of the comet flying through the atmosphere.

The android's Soh-nar detects the blowing up of an ultracow rustled by The Binary Kid and upon arriving on the scene they find the cattle rustler dying in the midst of carnage. Then came the comet's destruction, which destroyed the first settlement and razes the area to the ground. Rusty throws the Marshall into a bunker, but is struck by a comet fragment and dies amongst the wreckage. Despite his best attempts to piece him back together, Pure was unable to save his friend.

The story ends, and Our Heroes find themselves at the Marshal's Station, and Pure warns them of the comet's return. Pure grabs the public announcement system and tries to initiate the evacuation plan, but just manages to create panic as such evacuation plans do not exist. Croach realizes that the comet's path will lead it back every 76 years, and recognizes the event dubbed by martians as "The Apockolipse". Vowing to save the planet, Nevada stands his ground.


This episode marks the first appearance of the marshal's station and its talking doors, as well as fleshing out the history of the marshals on Mars. It is noted during the discussion of evacuation that the second marshal (and Nevada's predecessor) went mad with power and destroyed them, and Nevada has been unable to reinstate the plans as the mayor claims that they do not instill confidence.

Recurring Themes[edit]

Racism: It is revealed in Simon Pure's tale that he was at one time racist toward the Martians much like the Lynchtree women in the first episode. Here it is further seen that the relationship between humans and martians is strained by disrespect and inequality.


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